We are about people.


At Suna, we recognize the importance of having a corporate policy and commitment to support small, certified minority, certified women and certified veteran business owners. We also place importance on developing an advanced supplier diversity process that accurately represents our desire to support the growth of small, minority owned businesses. We are committed to maintain a supplier list that reflects our customer base, and offering a wide range of perspectives and capabilities. This is more than just a customer-driven component of our corporate strategy; our focus on supporting certified minority owned reflects our core beliefs of supporting diversity and mentoring those businesses to help them grow.


  • Measure, market and manage all supplier diversity initiatives that benefit not only Suna, but our diverse client base as well.
  • Communicate the benefits of having a robust supplier diversity program to our supplier base, by recognizing business partners who have a program, and encouraging those that don’t, to develop one.
  • Maintain a sustainable Supplier Diversity program that is based on business ethics, and practicality while also strengthening relationships in the communities where we do business.
  • Provide mentoring to smaller businesses.
  • Support our clients, and their respective supplier diversity programs.

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