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Temporary/Contract Staffing.

Suna Solutions has a reputation for providing the highest caliber of professionals. We handle a wide variety of workforce needs for long-term and temp-to-hire projects, while maintaining a pre-screened candidate pool for immediate requirements. Candidates are interviewed by our experienced team of recruiters and subject matter experts. We are able to evaluate their skills, past performance and references and pass along on the best candidates to you.

Professional Recruiting/Placement.

Suna understands how to attract and retain passive and active candidates. We are capable of handling any size requirement—from one position to a complete unit or center. The key to professional recruitment is casting your net wide, then screening diligently to locate the top talent available. We actively utilize social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well as industry specific groups. We use many of the same tools available to others in the competitive market place, but we stretch a step farther, maintaining long-standing relationships with the leaders in each field so that they are just a call away when the next career move arises.

Managed Services Programs.

In this model, Suna along with our sub-vendor partners, have total responsibility for the contingent workforce from requisition and onboarding, to payment. Integral elements of service delivery include time capture, workforce management, consolidated invoicing, analytics and process improvement.

Project Management.

In addition to being able to help our clients with recruiting and staffing we are also able to address their project based needs. We consult with our clients, providing in-depth needs analysis, and then tailor a solution that fits their project-based needs.

1099 Compliance.

Suna’s Independent Contractor evaluation takes the guesswork out of deciding if a resource should be an employee or a contractor. When engaging 1099 contractors, our validation process handles the evaluation, contracts management and invoicing process; mitigating your risk of misclassification and the heavy penalties that that brings.

Payrolling Services.

Suna’s payrolling services allow our customers to leverage referrals at reduced costs. Once you find the talent, we become the W-2 employer of record, handling payroll, benefits and all employee relations throughout the lifecycle of the assignment.



We have extensive experience in recruiting and staffing for a wide variety of positions, including:

  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Business/Administrative
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Executive Search

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